3 reasons to schedule a cheat day every now and then!


With the new year, a lot of good resolutions have also started. And like every year, in 2021 quitting smoking and losing weight are at the top of the list. Losing weight seems to be a recurring problem. Often we succeed in losing a few pounds at first, but then these are put back on at a rapid pace. The result? You’re even less comfortable in your own skin and you feel like a complete failure. High time to change this. Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard or difficult. A cheat day, as contradictory as it may sound, can help. So don’t feel guilty if you have a cheat day food open near me and hold on to the following 3 good reasons to plan a cheat day every now and then.

1. You keep up the diet longer

Most people start a whole new diet in the new year full of dedication and fail after only a few weeks. This is mainly because you are too strict with yourself. If you have always enjoyed food and treats, it is very difficult to suddenly renounce everything. Moreover, this is also not necessary. People who have a very healthy lifestyle won’t swear off all the delicious things either. Snacking in moderation is the answer

The more you forbid yourself, the more likely you are to crave it. That’s why it’s smart to set yourself a goal. For example, choose to cheat once a month What shall we eat today, easy? is the motto for that day. Nice to get some food or just once a Mars bar to work inside. You decide what you want to eat at that moment. By envisaging such days, you will eventually stick to your diet longer

Note: this requires the necessary discipline, because of course it has to stay with one day in order not to undo all your hard work

2. Put your body to work

When you build up a calorie deficit for weeks on end, your body can start saving energy to maintain your weight. This is because your body is used to stabilizing weight. When this is no longer possible, it does all sorts of tricks to prevent you from losing weight too quickly. It can also happen that the body gets so little energy that it goes into a saving mode to prevent organs from shutting down. This is often the case with crash diets. Therefore, it is important to let your body know from time to time that there is still enough food, so that it can feel free to burn food. Ordering food from Butlon.com is not only delicious, but also works very effectively in the fight against those excess pounds

3. Unhealthy eating is part of the deal

It is better not to fully adhere to a diet, but to adjust your lifestyle. This means eating smaller portions, but also allowing yourself the occasional treat. If you do not do this, then you can never maintain this throughout your life. And this is something that is necessary to lose weight permanently. If you immediately pick up your old eating habits after a diet, all the weight you have lost will be back on. So make sure you adjust your lifestyle and make room for food delivery Amsterdam every now and then. That too should be possible

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